Let Data Tell The Story

Retail Playbook

Through our industry-leading data, insights and inventory platform, BeerBoard helps retailers to sell more beer and make more money.

Installed at thousands of retail locations, we manage over $1 billion in retail draft beer sales and 45,000 products.

Our business is helping drive your success – improved efficiency, optimization and revenue.

This is the playbook.

Single end-to-end platform to manage your full life cycle

Brand Analytics


Make Fact-Based Decisions on What You Put on Tap

  • BeerBoard records every ounce of beer that passes through your tap handles so brand movement is available on the SmartBar dashboard.
  • View data on the dashboard to understand category breakdown, as well as by style rankings.
  • Benefit from BeerBoard’s aggregated data set (by state). This includes all BeerBoard retail accounts so your store team knows what is selling around them.

Fresh Beer Report

  • Ensure the beer you serve is fresh. BeerBoard alerts clients to slow moving handles so management can take action prior to beer becoming stale.
  • When beer is aging, ask distributor/brewery partners for support in moving slower moving brands.
  • Right-size your tap set. BeerBoard data tells retailers if they have the correct number or handles. Too many handles leads to bad beer and draft lines that are not profitable.
POS & Pricing Management


New Product Approval and PLU Management

  • BeerBoard creates a service ticket or notifies POS team of new brand requests
  • Seamlessly provide beer attributes, and PLU with pricing information for the pos system
  • POS clean up alert when a brand is untapped at a store so the POS to eliminate inactive PLUs for beers that are no longer available

Brand Compliance

  • Retailers manage mandates and compliance centrally across all stores.
  • RM or corporate beverage team will receive alerts to approve or deny requests for beers that are not compliant.

Simplify and Centralize Beer Pricing and Margins

  • Pricing algorithm optimizes margins and accuracy
  • Prices are determined by keg cost
  • Accommodates multiple pricing tiers for hyper-local brands.
Automate Inventory & Ordering

Stop Weighing Kegs

  • Management spends hours in cold keg rooms moving, lifting and weighing kegs. Utilize BeerBoard data week-to-week to automate this process.
  • Automated inventory proves to be more accurate than physical counts currently being performed by store managers.
  • Reduce liability and eliminate the need to physically move kegs in the keg room.



Automate Purchase Orders & Submit Orders Directly to Distributors

  • Retailers use BeerBoard’s algorithm to calculate past volume by brand to recommend Smartpar values and create PO’s for managers review.
  • Managers submit orders to distributors without ever having to email, call or see them in person.
  •  PO’s will reduce carrying cost by eliminating orders for beers that are not needed for the week.
  • Invoices are sent back to the SmartBar platform for managers to confirm the prices on the invoice match the store pricing.
  • Take the PO’s, and automatically update the backoffice system for accounting, and inventory purposes.
  • SmartBar inventory levels are automatically updated once the manager receives in the new invoice.
Yield Management


The average bar loses 24 pints from every keg due to excess pours or comps/no rings.

Real Time Data to Manage Losses

  • Real-time poured vs sold – brand by brand, shift by shift visibility.
  • Manage bar by exceptions – high losses
  • Visibility holds your stores accountable. The BeerBoard standard is 95% yield or better, beating the national average by over 15%.
  • Management team bonus structure tied to actual performance through use of SmartBar.
  • Mandate download and SmartBar mobile app (free to download) so managers have data at their fingertips.
  • Mandate shift-by-shift accountability. This establishes routine and accountability.
Marketing Tools – One Platform Manages it All


Digital Strategy

  • Keep your website current with individual store level draft beer listings through the BeerBoard API. As stores update SmartBar, the website will automatically update as well.
  • Store mobile app’s utilize the BeerBoard API to keep store draft beer listings current.
  • BeerBoard Mobile app publishes all BeerBoard clients draft beer list by store as well so guests have access to our retailers draft list from their mobile phone if preferred.
  • BeerBoard TV allows stores the ability to promote the draft beer category on any existing flat screen (many templates to choose from) as well as promote other areas of the bar.


BeerBoard Print Services

  • Stop managing a database of beers – leverage BeerBoard’s database to print menus which include all brand attributes, including nutritional content.
  • Create one template that BB hardcodes in the SmartBar platform – ALL stores are printing the same print template with consistent brand attributes across all stores.
  • On demand printing to keep the print menus up to date for guests – brand changes in the store, log into SmartBar, make the change, and print new menus.
  • Use a National printer? No problem. BeerBoard has an API which allows stores to choose upcoming beers for the next print cycle and send the list to your national printer.


Start to Finish: 30-45 days to complete

  • Contract signed and returned by client
  • Point of Sale integration is completed, and sales data populating on Smartbar platform
  • Merchandising of beer – call required with clients’ marketing team to agree upon menu templates and platforms which BeerBoard will be integrating.
  • Client runs Cat5 cable(s) per BeerBoard’s specifications
  • BeerBoard hardware installed
  • Line Mapping coordinated with store contact to ensure accurate volumes and line assignments
  • BeerBoard dedicates a Tap Optimization Manager to coordinates training with both corporate and store-level management

Data tells the story. Ask us how.