Let Data Tell The Story

Retail Playbook

Through our industry-leading data, insights and inventory platform, BeerBoard helps retailers to sell more beer and make more money.

Installed at thousands of retail locations, we manage over $1 billion in retail draft beer sales and 45,000 products.

Our business is helping drive your success – improved efficiency, optimization and revenue.

This is the playbook.

Single end-to-end platform to manage your full life cycle

Automate Inventory & Ordering

Stop Weighing Kegs

  • Management spends hours in cold keg rooms moving, lifting and weighing kegs. Utilize BeerBoard data week-to-week to automate this process.
  • Automated inventory proves to be more accurate than physical counts currently being performed by store managers.
  • Reduce liability and eliminate the need to physically move kegs in the keg room.



Automate Purchase Orders & Submit Orders Directly to Distributors

  • Retailers use BeerBoard’s algorithm to calculate past volume by brand to recommend Smartpar values and create PO’s for managers review.
  • Managers submit orders to distributors without ever having to email, call or see them in person.
  •  PO’s will reduce carrying cost by eliminating orders for beers that are not needed for the week.
  • Invoices are sent back to the SmartBar platform for managers to confirm the prices on the invoice match the store pricing.
  • Take the PO’s, and automatically update the backoffice system for accounting, and inventory purposes.
  • SmartBar inventory levels are automatically updated once the manager receives in the new invoice.
POS & Pricing Management


New Product Approval and PLU Management

  • BeerBoard creates a service ticket or notifies POS team of new brand requests
  • Seamlessly provide beer attributes, and PLU with pricing information for the pos system
  • POS clean up alert when a brand is untapped at a store so the POS to eliminate inactive PLUs for beers that are no longer available

Brand Compliance

  • Retailers manage mandates and compliance centrally across all stores.
  • RM or corporate beverage team will receive alerts to approve or deny requests for beers that are not compliant.

Simplify and Centralize Beer Pricing and Margins

  • Pricing algorithm optimizes margins and accuracy
  • Prices are determined by keg cost
  • Accommodates multiple pricing tiers for hyper-local brands.
Pilot Results

Downtown Atlanta

Positive Feedback:

  • Ordering from one platform for all distributors is a much easier process, as well as time saving.
  • Not weighing kegs is ideal – saves management a lot of time every week as they are no longer weighing kegs but spot checking.
  • Smartpar values week to week is the ideal way to order as opposed to the established pars – reviewing the pars and comparing on hand inventory is time consuming.

Suggestions for Improvement:

  • Submitting orders at noon on Mondays – old process allowed orders to be submitted up until Tuesday at 2pm. Working to address this
  • Would be ideal to be able to have one drop down so every product for a given distributor is available, and able to order all at once as opposed to product by product. Fix is in place


What’s Next?

  • Contract for the GA market executed
  • HOA EDI letter sent to all distributors in GA
  • EDI solution enabled for the GA market
  • Distributors added/updated in Smarbar
  • Products assigned to each distributor
  • Director of Operations south division trained – in person
  • RM’s in GA market trained – in person
  • Online training for each GM

Data tells the story. Ask us how.