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BeerBoard EDI

Buffalo Wild Wings has partnered with BeerBoard to streamline their inventory, ordering, and delivery process in order to better optimized their business operations.

Buffalo Wild Wings Authorization Letter [Download PDF]

By leveraging BeerBoard’s SmartBar platform with standard industry EDI best practices, Buffalo Wild Wings is taking the next step in leading the on-premise industry with stronger partnerships with its distributor partners.

BeerBoard is committed to making this transition as seamless as possible by working with all valued distributors to ensure compliance is met by the Go Live date.

September 9

Stores Begin SmartBar Orders

October 14

All Distributors EDI-Compliant

New Ordering Process

Buffalo Wild Wings will begin issuing purchase orders starting the week of September 9th in select Chicago and Atlanta markets to all distributor vendors in an email format.

This transition period of email purchase orders to distributor salespeople will continue until the week of October 14.

Starting October 14 Buffalo Wild Wings will begin issuing 850 purchase orders over EDI to its distributor vendors.

Pre-Delivery Action Required

Product will not be received at Buffalo Wild Wings starting October 14 if it is not authorized by the store and on the 894 Pre Delivery Notice sent in advance by the distributor vendor.

New Receiving Check-In Process

Starting October 14 a Buffalo Wild Wings receiver will check in each delivery and verify that product and quantity match the 894 Pre-Delivery notice sent in advance by the distributor vendor against the delivery invoice. A reconciling process may be required of the delivery person if the invoice doesn’t match the pre-delivery notice.

EDI Specification Documents

Purchase Order

Pre-Delivery Invoice

Post-Delivery Invoice

Distributor Action Required

Work with your preferred EDI provider to ensure your distributorship has undergone testing and becomes certified before the October 14 Go Live date.

Starting October 14 distributors will need to be EDI-compliant in order to continue to do business with Buffalo Wild Wings.

If you are currently not using EDI please contact for guidance on how to become an EDI certified Buffalo Wild Wings partner.

Distributor registration is required to verify your existing products with Buffalo Wild Wings ordering system.

Coming Soon

Pilot Results

Two Buffalo Wild Wings locations in the Atlanta market piloted with a major Atlanta beer distributor in late April 2019 utilizing full EDI capabilities. The results exceeded expectations with the following key

  • 0 out of stocks (OOS) occurred
  • No disruption took place transitioning to the new BWW ordering system
  • The sales process was enhanced by adding perpetual inventory and no longer weighing kegs
  • Distributor salespeople still have oversight of the BWW initiated orders