BeerNet Radio Talks
Three-Tier E-Commerce with BeerBoard, Eagle Rock, and Winking Lizard

by JC Whipple

On a recent BeerNet Radio podcast, Harry Schuhmacher, Publisher of Beer Business Daily, spoke with Mark Young of BeerBoard, Todd Morillo of Eagle Rock Distributing and John Lane of Winking Lizard Tavern on how e-commerce is changing the process on-premise retailers go through to order beer from wholesalers.

Eagle Rock and Winking Lizard are both benefitting from BeerBoard’s SmartOrders, an agnostic, unified ordering platform that provides a direct connection between on-premise retailers and distributors.

Through its standardized connected cloud, SmartOrders streamlines interactions between retailers and distributors for alcohol ordering, delivery and inventory. This enables both retailers and wholesalers to reduce errors and manual labor, while also empowering both retailers and distributor sales reps with improved timely insights to help make better decisions to drive revenue and profitability.

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