BeerBoard and TrueSync Media Collaborate to Revolutionize On-Premise Retail Operator Experience

by JC Whipple

SYRACUSE, NY (April 30, 2024) — BeerBoard, the leader in technology solutions and alcohol management for the on-premise hospitality industry,  and TrueSync Media, a market-leading consumer engagement video network, proudly announce their strategic partnership. Together, they aim to deliver advanced technology services to on-premise retail operators and alcohol suppliers, empowering them to enhance brand awareness, customer engagement and maximize profitability.

By combining BeerBoard’s expertise in data-driven solutions with TrueSync Media’s innovative consumer engagement platform, the partnership promises to redefine how on-premise retail operators connect with their customers. Through seamless integration, operators will gain access to a comprehensive suite of tools to manage their bar business, monitor inventory in real-time, while being able to measure the actual impact of individual location level marketing campaigns by brand through the collaboration of technologies of TrueSync Media delivering targeted customized engaging content and BeerBoard reporting sales lift impacts by the hour, shift or campaign.

BeerBoard’s technology solutions features SmartOrders, a unified ordering platform that provides a direct connection between on-premise retailers and distributors. Through its standardized connected cloud, SmartOrders streamlines interactions between retailers and distributors for alcohol ordering, delivery and inventory. This enables both retailers and wholesalers to reduce errors and manual labor, while also empowering both retailers and distributor sales reps with improved timely insights to help make better decisions to drive revenue and profitability.

TrueSync Media specializes in TrueSyncTV, a revolutionary consumer engagement platform designed to optimize return on investment from TVs in bars and restaurants. TrueSyncTV captivates consumers with an eclectic collection of short, highly entertaining videos, enhancing the overall customer experience including retailer-branded TV programming. Moreover, for Beverage Alcohol suppliers, TrueSyncTV presents invaluable opportunities to engage consumers in the decision corridor, precisely when they are making purchase decisions.

“We are excited to collaborate with TrueSync Media to provide our clients with a holistic solution that leverages the power of data and engaging digital content,” said John Boyle, BeerBoard’s SVP of Business Development. “Together, we are committed to helping retail operators and alcohol suppliers drive and accurately measure the impact of each campaign by brand to ultimately increase revenue growth and deliver exceptional experiences to their guests.”

TrueSync CEO Mark Cannon said, “We are thrilled to be partnering with BeerBoard, one of the most exciting and forward-thinking service providers in the on-premise / Beverage Alcohol space. Combining TrueSyncTV’s consumer engagement network with BeerBoard’s inventory management and consumer insights technology creates game-changing innovation for Brands and On-Premise operators who take advantage of this opportunity. We expect great things!”

Through this collaboration, BeerBoard and TrueSync Media are poised to set new standards for innovation in the hospitality industry. By harnessing the power of advanced technology and engaging content, they will continue to drive measurable results for on-premise retail operators and alcohol suppliers, redefining the future of customer engagement.


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About BeerBoard
BeerBoard is the leading technology solutions provider for the hospitality industry, enabling retailers, distributors and suppliers to make fact-based decisions about their complete alcohol management. The company manages more than $1 billion in alcohol sales and 100,000 products through its industry-leading solutions. Its patented digital platform captures, analyzes, and reports real-time data related to alcohol ordering, inventory and payments. Versatile and easily operated from a single dashboard, it has streamlined operations, efficiency and improved revenue across the United States. Find out more about how BeerBoard is changing the alcohol industry at

About TrueSync Media
TrueSync Media, Inc., is provider of TrueSyncTV, a market leading consumer engagement video network enabling Bar and Restaurant Operators to get a better return on investment from their TVs. TrueSync engages consumers with an eclectic collection of short segment, highly entertaining videos that consumers love to watch. For Beverage Alcohol suppliers, TrueSyncTV creates opportunities to reach consumers in the decision corridor, at the precise moment they are making purchase decisions. For more, please visit