BeerBoard and Eagle Rock Distributing Company Announce Collaboration to Bring Improved Efficiency to Alcohol Distribution

by JC Whipple

SYRACUSE, NY (March 27, 2024) — BeerBoard, the leader in technology solutions and automated intelligence for the on-premise hospitality industry, today announced the launch of a full integration agreement with Eagle Rock Distributing Company, a leading, full-service beverage distributor with operations in Georgia and Colorado. This collaboration agreement marks a significant milestone in the alcohol industry, as BeerBoard’s innovative SmartOrders platform will now seamlessly link to Eagle Rock’s route accounting software (RAS) to help them improve service to BeerBoard’s retail partners and gain additional visibility.

SmartOrders, developed by BeerBoard, is a unified ordering platform that provides a direct connection between on-premise retailers and distributors. Through its standardized connected cloud, SmartOrders streamlines interactions between retailers and distributors for alcohol ordering, delivery and inventory. This enables both retailers and wholesalers to reduce errors and manual labor, while also empowering both retailers and distributor sales reps with improved timely insights to help make better decisions to drive revenue and profitability.

Under this collaboration, Eagle Rock Distributing Company has integrated SmartOrders into its operations, integrating with its existing use of DSDLink from Encompass to enhance efficiency, client service and operational logistics.

One major advantage of the SmartOrders integration is distributor sales representatives can leverage tools that support more targeted communication and interaction with their retail accounts.

“We recognize the burden on our sales team with a complex portfolio growing by the day, increasing demands and erosion from the true sales portion of a call,” said Todd Morillo, Director of Sales Technology for Eagle Rock Distributing Company. “We are excited to partner with BeerBoard and implement SmartOrders into our operations. We are leaning into this technology because it checks every box — the data and insights and predictive ordering will allow our reps to be true partners with our retailers and have those important eye-level discussions instead of being trapped in a cooler shaking kegs or counting inventory.”

“Our partnership with Eagle Rock Distributing Company is a game-changer in the on-premise alcohol industry,” said Mark Young, Founder and CEO of BeerBoard. “A proactive and tech-forward distributor, Eagle Rock sees the value SmartOrders brings to both its operation and that of its retail clients through direct connectivity for streamlined ordering, inventory and product movement. It will empower the Eagle Rock team to deliver unparalleled value to its retail partners, and by leveraging real-time data and insights, they will be able to tailor solutions to drive mutual success.”

In addition to enhanced consultative capabilities, Eagle Rock is already reaping the benefits of SmartOrders in streamlining logistics, route planning and optimizing the supply chain for both its operation and that of its retailers. The platform enables Eagle Rock to efficiently manage inventory, forecast demand, and streamline ordering processes, resulting in improved operational efficiency and cost savings.

“In utilizing SmartOrders, we are already seeing benefits on the logistical side of our operations,” said Morillo. “Our logistics team is always looking to complete that perfect order – better route planning, full trucks going out of our docks, no product coming back and the correct amount of product going to our retailers. SmartOrders has helped us get closer to that goal by providing accuracy and efficiency throughout the ordering process with our retail clients.”

The collaboration between BeerBoard and Eagle Rock Distributing Company underscores a commitment to innovation, customer service and driving positive change within the alcohol distribution industry. By leveraging the power of SmartOrders, Eagle Rock is poised to elevate their operations, deepen their relationships with retailers, and deliver exceptional value to its customers.



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