BeerBoard Report:
On-Premise Status (November 6-8)

The On-Premise continues to yo-yo. This past weekend saw declines in in volume, percentage of taps pouring, and rate of sale.

In this report, we take a look at the weekend of November 6-8 and compare that to our reports from October 23-25 and October 9-11.

This review of insights and retail performance is part of an on-going series which tracks the status of America’s bars and restaurants.


On-Premise Status Report (November 6-8)

The Open Rate (locations open and pouring beer) fell to 90% for the period tracked (November 6-8). This was the first decline since early August, when the Open Rate clocked in at 89%.

For the first time since September, Average Number of Taps dropped a handle nationally and checked in at 17 taps per location. Illinois, due to the state’s indoor dining ban, fell to just seven (7) taps per location, while Florida, Michigan, Minnesota and Tennessee were all down one tap per. Georgia, Nevada, New York, South Carolina and Texas all held firm from the previous period.

* average numbers of taps is rounded to the nearest whole number

Percentage of Taps Pouring was down for the weekend, falling -3.0%. Nine of the 10 states tracked in this report were also down, most low-to-mid single digits. Illinois saw the biggest decline, falling -46.4% for the period. Nevada was the only state to realize an increase, climbing +1.3% for the weekend.


* % Change From Previous compares the current period against the previous period

On-Premise Volume continues to yo-yo. After trended in the right direction, seeing a +7.9% climb in the previous period, volume was -8.7% (as compared to Oct 23-25). Consistent with the theme, Illinois fell -47.9%, followed by Florida (-11.2%) and Michigan (-9.5%). Minnesota was the only state tracked to show a positive return on volume, climbing +2.5%.

As with Volume per Location, Rate of Sale was down for the period, after a climb Oct 23-25. This weekend saw ROS fall -11.2% nationally, while Texas (-17.5%), Minnesota (-14.7%) and Tennessee (-13.4%) saw significant declines among states tracked. Illinois, which remember dropped to seven taps per location, actually saw an increase in ROS, climbing +14.8% for the period.

* % Change From Previous compares the current period against the previous period

Imports siphoned away decent margins from Craft in both Volume and Tap Share for the period Imports climbed to 14.6% share in Volume and 17.2% in taps. Craft was down -5.0% in Volume and -2.6% in Taps, while Domestics were flat in both. The Top Five styles remained unchanged.

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