BeerBoard Report:
On-Premise Status (July 8-11)

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On-Premise Status Report (July 8-11)

Volume and Rate-of-Sale were both up significantly on the weekend, while Taps and Percentage Pouring were also up.

See it all in this week’s On-Premise Status Report.

In this report, we take a look at July 8-11 and compare this to our two previous reports – June 17-20 and June 3-6.

This review of insights and retail performance is part of an on-going series which tracks the status of America’s bars and restaurants.


Open Rate (locations open and pouring beer) held firm at 92% of locations open for the second consecutive period. The rate has consistently registered at 90%, or above, since late January.

Average Number of Taps climbed to an average of 20 per location nationally. Five states tracked added one handleeach —Illinois, Minnesota, Nevada, Texas and South Carolina.

* average numbers of taps is rounded to the nearest whole number

** Due to all states not being open on the Same Weekend 2020, we compared against Same Weekend 2019


Percentage Taps Pouring climbed for the second straight period, up to 73% nationally. South Carolina jumped six points to clock in at 76%, while Illinois (70%) and Texas (73%) were both +4% on the weekend.


* % Change From Previous compares the current period against the previous period


Volume saw a big jump on the weekend, growing +14.2%. Every state tracked saw growth for the period, led by Tennessee (+21.3%), Illinois (+14.0%) and Michigan (+13.4%).

* Volume totals per location

** Due to reduced actionable data from Same Weekend 2020, we compared against Same Weekend 2019

Similar to Volume, Rate of Sale saw noted growth on the weekend, up +12.7% to check in at 3.01 kegs per 30 days. Tennessee led eights states tracked with +15.4% growth for the period. Other states with notable growth include Illinois and New York at +9.2% each, Florida (+8.4%) and Georgia (+8.1%).

* % Change From Previous compares the current period against the previous period

** Due to reduced actionable data from Same Weekend 2020, we compared against Same Weekend 2019

Volume Share and Tap Share were flat for the third consecutive period. In Top Five Styles, European Ales and Wheat / Hefeweizen continue to flip-flop, with Euro Ales stepping back into the #5 position.

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